Customer Feedback

My wife and I had just moved into a house with two chimneys and we were looking for a reputable, certified, and trustworthy company to clean, issue maintenance, and to certify these for use.

I should mention that we had never before had chimneys, and weren't that knowledgeable of what was involved.

After shopping for a while, we had two different companies assess our chimneys and provide quotes for the work. In both cases they were extreme in terms of repairs and cost. We were at a loss to understand why this was so and could receive only vague explanations.

I decided to contact Kiwi Chimney for a third quote, thankfully. Upon inspection, Brad suggested an alternate approach for restoring the chimneys that would not only be permanent, but would cost much less.

Additionally, he took the time to explain why the other approaches were short term and would have resulted in further maintenance in the future.

Brad was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. He made extra efforts to adapt to our busy schedules and quickly had our chimneys working for the winter.

Kiwi Chimney was able to provide a level of personal attention and thoroughness that the other companies clearly lacked. In particular, it was immediately clear that Brad was genuinely concerned that we establish a safe and properly working set of chimneys for our house, and that he enjoyed working with people to do so.

We cannot have been more pleased with the service and have every intention of continuing our work with Kiwi.

Dr. Destin Heilman

CSIA Certification
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