Masonry Repairs

Your chimney exterior has to withhold constant attack from the elements. The harsh New England winters, over a period of time, will begin to break down brick work and mortar. Water penetrates the bricks/crown of your chimney and during the winter it freezes. This causes the bricks and joints to contract and expand, eventually destroying the exterior of the chimney. If left for longer periods of time the interior of your chimney also deteriorate. The damage caused if not addressed can lead to costly masonry repairs.

Signs of damage may be:
* Cracked or broken bricks
* Missing mortar between joints
* Water stains on drywall
* Cracked crown
* Water signs in the firebox

All of these problems can be repaired, whether it is tuckpointing, replacing broken bricks, a new crown or a rebuild of your chimney. Kiwi Chimney Services has the expertise to competently repair all masonry requirements. Masonry is a skill that requires detail and patience, if not addressed correctly the problem will continue to occur.

* Tuckpointing - The grinding out of old damaged mortar joints and replacing with new mortar.
* Crown - The solid piece of concrete on the top of your chimney.
* Rebuild - Completely taking down the damaged area of your chimney and reconstructing a new chimney.

Once all masonry work is completed, it is strongly suggested that waterproofing of your chimney be applied also. This will prevent any future damage and protect your investment. Please see the waterproofing service for more details.

Please feel free to contact our office for a free quotation on all masonry repairs.
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I have also included a few images below of masonry work completed to give you a visual on quality of work to be expected when choosing to use Kiwi Chimney Services

Our business hours are:
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Teardown Stage Rebuilding
Chimney Rebuild ~ Before
Chimney Rebuild ~ After
Damaged Crown and Tuck Pointing ~ Before
Damaged Crown and Tuckpointing ~ After
Flashing-Tuckpointing-crown-Cap ~ Complete
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